About Us

“Maybe the greatest sea creature humanity ever imagined”

In the Norse myths, Kraken is referred to as the greatest sea creature one can imagine: it stands out with its sheer size, speed, swiftness, intelligence, long lifespan and the immense sticking of its powerful tentacles. Inspired by the abilities and the history of this mythical beast, we developed our products and named our company “Krakenbond-Wios Global Trade”.

To make every product with a Kraken logo on it answer the needs of every customer, we rendered our experiences of many decades and focused on developing products for perfection. At home, car, garage, school, office, workshop, basically everywhere you may need, we hope to help you with our large family of glues, adhesives, joint filler sealants, installment foams or insulation chemicals. One that makes your tasks easier, saves you time, contributes you, strong, fast, swift, flexible and a helper with a long lifespan, Krakenbond.

Wios Global Trade LLC


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