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Fast Coat Spray Foam Insulation

Fast Coat Spray Foam Insulation Polyurethan-based insulation spray foam for high quality heat and sound insulation in buildings and many more.

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WOW! Super Fast Adhesive

Wow! Super Fast Adhesive is an adhesive set that consists of high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive and activator, which leads to a rapid bonding experience.

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Fence Post Fix

Fast setting 2 component polyurethane foam designed specifically for supporting and backfilling of wooden, PVC, steel and many types of in-ground posts.

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Wall Repair Patch Kit

Wall Repair Patch Kit consists of ready mixed drywall repair compound with high crack filling capacity in concrete, flexible self-adhesive perforated aluminum patch, grit sandpaper, and ergonomic plastic putty knife.

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PU Foam and Foam Gun Cleaner

PU Foam and Foam Gun Cleaner A solvent mixture to remove fresh PU foam and clean the PU foam gun adapter after the application. Cleans surfaces, clothes, window & door frames and prevents the foam cure in the gun adapter.

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Spray Foam Gun

You can use it in your own home or office easily! Kraken Bond Spray Foam Gun designed for professional workers and for your everyday DIYer. Just screw on the can and open the gun and you are ready to do your reparation.

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