Kraken Bond Reviews

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First time doing foam but easy enough to use

This is really my first time spray foaming a whole wall but this kit is pretty simple to use I haven’t finished yet and I did waste some so will probably be ordering a few more cans but the calculator seems to get you pretty close perhaps order extra can or two if this is your first time. The product seems to work great for insulating walls for remodeling my plan is to do a room at a time I have started in our guest bedroom then will move to our master bath and bedroom taking Sheetrock down spraying the walls and remodeling I feel this kit in this remodeling environment works better then having a foam insulation contractor just come do one room at a time.


works well, sprays out easily BUT remember to cover up, wear coveralls or long sleeve shirt it will make things easier on clean up

Worked well

Product worked as described. Easy to use. Does not cover a lot of area with one can. Use for small jobs

Easier to Use Than Another Great Product I Had Used

I’m fully satisfied with my first time spraying Fastcoat Insulation Spray Foam into an old uninsulated wall. I had used another great product to spray foam into the same wall, and it worked well but required simultaneous mixing of two products under specific conditions. Needed the KrakenBond foam to finish the job, and it was so much easier to use and came with a great spray gun and nozzles that made the job simple and successful.


Worked great for the area I needed. Wry impressed!

Awesome stuff!

This stuff is amazing and will always be my go to from now on!

Will buy again

It works pretty well on OSB sheathing but on metal tin you'll have to be sure to watch out for the Sunnyside getting to warm and bubbling up and not sticking very well. Otherwise I'd say I'll do better next time.

YouTube video

Used to insulate pvc pipes

Had to insulate pvc pipes for furnace in attic’s. Work amazing turned a day of work into an hour

System worked well, applied quickly and easily

Follow the steps - buy extra cleaner

Works pretty great. Even when you mess up you can trim up after curing easily. When spraying overhead you will get little dots on you so use the goggles they send and wear the suit or paint clothes or something. Proper distance is key but overall I think it’s a great product and am working my way around the shop case by case. I’d recommend buying an extra can or two of the cleaner so there’s no issue with the gun. The gun is much better than I expected.


So far so good had to buy a few more cans to get to the 2 inches. Doesn't stink, no to messy

First time buying will buy again

First of all I do not work for Krakenbond or any company I mention in this review.
Definitely use gloves saftey glasses and old clothes or disposable coveralls. This is a messier than dow froth-pak or vegabond ( see pictures of hoodie and glasses). Maybe if it came with better instructions on how to use and adjust the gun not so much blowback. I watched a video were they said to wet the area down to help expansion ( see pictures) the area i misted seemed to develop holes compared to non misted areas could be user error it was the first can. I easily achieved the board foot and thickness the stated which makes this a great deal for my situation of remodeling one room at a time. I would recommend getting 2 cans of cleaner, 1 to spray the tip and one to screw on the gun. screwing on and off the spray nozzle with gloves is doable but a pain. I was skeptical of the tips staying on never had a problem with anything, just wish better instructions there is a learning curve. This product does seem to take a little more time to set/cure than vegabond or dow froth pak (see pictures of finger print marks) also the product seems softer than normal closed foam more on the lines of a window/door foam by greatstuff.
I am very pleased with the product and price and would recommend to everyone. For those reviews were people say it would take 200 cans to do my garage it doesnt matter the price breaks down to $1.12 a square foot, if you want to get dow froth pak 200 at $389.00 at lowes which is basically $2.00 a square foot because it has less cans be my guest its your money.

Excellent Coverage and Product

Kraken spry foam was used on two different application. Traditional application on the walls of our business and it turned out excellent. The second application was for a 300 gallon bait tank that need to hold a specific temperature. The tank is odd shape and this spry foam worked excellent for the application! amazing stuff!

Great product

This did exactly what it was supposed to the cans ran down right to the end the expansion was spot on and the coverage was good

Quick and effective!

I am an HVAC contractor. Often, I find leaking ductwork, framework, and construction problems that contribute to poor or inefficient cooling. I use Kraken Bond to seal ductwork and to air seal attic spaces. It is undeniably faster than silicone or even "pro" series expanding foam. This product has become profitable and critical component of my service van.

Good stuff

Spray underneath steps, work great! Will buy again!

Felt like I knew what I was doing

Always been intimidated by these foam products but Kraken’s great metal gun, amazing cleaner, and good coverage calmed me down and let me get to work insulating the shop. Everything is much better and easier than expected. Did I mention the amazing cleaner?

Works well.

Cans allow to work along at slower pace than larger systems. Seals out cold on block basement walls.

Great product

It was easy to apply, I'm about to buy more right now.

Insulating attic rafters

Good product, challenging to get the angle for the very top of “A” frame rafter as keeping the can vertical for smooth application is hard. Great product to work with as it has great adhesion.

Fastcoat Insulation Spray Foam

It works

Easier than I thought it was going to be. I need to order more.

Best and easiest I have ever used, it works!!

Works as advertised! Sprayed my shop which is a 38x70, I have a 8' overhang. Each 8' wide x 10' tall section that I needed to insulate went very well. Once you figure how you want to spray with the tips. It's awesome. I bought 24 cans, I used 21, no mess, the cleaner cleans the gun very well. Thank you for a great product that works and saved me thousands having someone else spray it.

Easy to use and not messy

The product is easy to use and works well. The application is easy to control and not messy.

The only thing I would like is if they had promotion for larger volume purchases seeing that a lot of projects may require more than 12 cans