Kraken Bond Reviews

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Kraken window foam

So far so good with the Kraken foam! Will be buying again.

Great product!!

Easy, and great product for my application

good product

we have tested out afkin adhesvies, loctite, WTF, stanley, red devil, and several others and have determined that the kraken bond high tack adhesive caulk was the only white tinted caulking that wasn't too stiff to work with and yet had the highest initial tack and very strong final bond. kraken high tack adhesive caulking was the only product that listed that it is for use to bond to polyurethane which has a low surface energy which was very impressive to us. thank you

Easy to apply! Covers quick!

Really like this stuff! If you have a small job that needs done, and it's not worth calling a large company to come out, this stuff is def the way to go for a DIY job. I'm about to order my second case! It's so easy to do, I wanna do more!

Chevy Express Van

We insulated between the ribs of the van walls and it seems to work excellent. I would recommend before spraying foam to use adhesive remover first to clean the walls so the foam sticks good and tight.

Great product

Great product! Like the blue color but wish there was a way to specify which color to order.

Wall spray foam

Ordered product was not sure how it would work out, Received quickly ,price was reasonable, Installed very easy and worked very good, They had recommended to use rubber gloves andesute for protection, But I only did my sidewalls of my shed. And there was no mess to clean up on the floor or me. Good product for the money.

Quality product

Great coverage area per can and the metal gun makes it easy foam just about anywhere. Be sure to wear gloves or you will scraping foam off your fingers for days. Can of cleaner is easy to use to clean the gun.

Good product, doesn't go far.

The product is easy to use even though direction are very limited. The product doesn't go far though. The attached picture us 1 can. I am buying more, I just thought 2 can would do more than 2 spaces 8ft tall. For reference this picture was taken minutes after application not 24 hrs.

Best DIY cavity foam available!

I’ve used the dual canister be name brand sprays. They do work, however, they make a huge mess, expensive, and the fumes are really strong! Kraken has fixed all these issues. It still has fumes, but not nearly as bad as the other guys. Also love the extra nozzles thay give you. I do wish there was an option for a larger canister for big jobs so you don’t need to go through tons of cans. Will definitely keep on purchasing!

Kraken purchase

Works great. No issues. All cans worked and very little mess. Saved a fortune over cost of spray foam.

Awesome product

Worked perfectly, easy to use, easy to clean up.
Highly recommended.

Quality Spray Foam product

I tried Krakenbond and was very happy with the product so I ordered another batch for another project and again I was very happy. Easy to use and clean up. I highly recommend Krakenbond Spray Foam


After years of trying multiple methods of applying spray foam on small jobs, Kraken offers a solution that meets all of our needs. We now have more control applying and have eliminated the issue of wasted product and clogged hoses.

Using for home recording studio

Great product for the insulation value and mostly the soundproof qualities. I'm using the kraken in conjunction with some soundproof tiles 12x12x1 In so in the experimental phase of the best easy to apply the foam including the panels to recommended anything.
I can recommended for sure the kraken product for soundproof and insulation with the easiest best way to install insulation hands down the best

Pole barn Insulation

This stuff is so easy to apply and covers well. It seals everything off and has decent build.

Great Product but different color

This spray insulation is easy to use, you can quickly cover large areas. The only important thing to note is that foam is not light gray as it is in all of the photos and instructional videos. It is an off white. YouTube video placeholder
Great stuff

Works as advertised. Fills large gaps and dries quickly.

Great product

Perfect for what I needed! Easy to use, quick application.


Works well! I love how easy it is to apply to my ceiling. Very simple to use. Great product.

Great product

Bought the 12 can pack, very easy to use, covered what is says it does. Highly recommend

Works great

This stuff really works!! Just wish they sold it in a larger box for bigger jobs so you don’t need to buy so many cans!

1st Time Users - Great Product!

First time users of this product. A little trial and error was needed to figure out how to get the ideal coverage but once we figured that out everything went great. Easy to use, great value compared to competitors, and overall great coverage for our needs. We'll be getting more Kraken Bond for future projects!

Fastcoat Insulation Spray Foam

HVAC Ductwork

First time using the product. So easy to use. Went on great and sealed up my ductwork. Will definitely use again!