How to Remove Spray Foam Insulation?

No doubt, spray foam insulation is a great way to make your home energy efficient and comfortable. Still, there is a possibility that the need to remove it may come because of a mistake, renovation, or even replacement. Therefore, it is important to know how to remove spray foam insulation, whether it is cured or not.

Construction worker removing spray foam on the walls of a building

As we proceed, we will discuss why we need to remove spray foam, different methods on how to remove expanding foam on different surfaces, and tips for removing spray foam insulation.

Why Should You Remove Spray Foam?

Spray foam insulation makes every building energy efficient and comfortable by making it air-sealed. Also, spray foam insulation is durable and made up of non-toxic chemicals, making it environmentally friendly. That said, some situations may prompt you to remove spray foam insulation in buildings or homes. 

Worker insulating a wall with Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is applied as coverage on walls, roofs, and floors, and there will be a need to know how to remove spray foam in these areas whenever there is damage. Damage can happen to the applied areas, such as the attic, basement walls, and even spray foam, due to pests, moisture, fire, natural disaster, etc.

Improper installation is another reason to remove spray foam, as it causes complications. When spray foam is not installed properly, it causes issues with air quality in the building. A typical example is when spray foam is not allowed to cure properly, it releases toxins and bad smells.

Many homeowners can decide to remove foam insulation because of renovations. Also, upgrading to a different type of spray foam to get a different R-value would require you to know how to remove spray foam insulation.

Preparation for Spray Foam Removal

Removing spray foam can be a frustrating chore because it requires preparation and following the right guideline. Therefore, the following steps should be taken in preparation for spray foam removal:

Step 1: Wear Protective Gear

Protective gear, such as goggles, respiratory masks, overalls, etc., must be worn for safety.

Step 2: Prepare The Application Area

The next step is to prepare the area where you want to remove the spray foam. To do this, remove electric wires, plumbing fixtures.,and pipes found beneath spray foam to be removed. Also, move or cover the nearby area, such as furniture, electronics, and valuables, to prevent debris or particles from falling on them.

Step 3:Turn Off The HVAC System

To prevent particles from flying around during the process, turn off the HVAC system. It is important to also ventilate the area by allowing fresh air to circulate. 

Step 4: Use Appropriate Tools

Chisel, knife, and saw are some of the appropriate tools to remove spray foam. You can also use a crowbar or a claw hammer to pull out the insulation.

Mechanical Removal of Spray Foam

Removing spray foam using mechanical methods involves using machine tools or hand tools such as knives, scrapper, or saw to remove spray foam insulation. Use a knife or saw to cut chunks of spray foam. A scraper is used to scrape away small portions of spray foam. To remove spray foam entirely on surfaces, use sandpaper.  

Chemical Removal of Spray Foam

Removing spray foam insulation using chemicals requires using the mechanical method to first remove a large portion of spray foam. The next step is to use a solvent to dissolve the spray foam. The chemical used for this process includes acetone, chemical stripper, paint thinner, etc.

The following steps will show you to remove spray foam using chemicals:

  • Prepare the area for spray foam removal.
  • Remove a large portion of spray foam using the mechanical method. 
  • Apply the chemical to the spray foam and allow it to soften the foam. Test the solvent on a small area to see the reaction.
  • Use a wooden spatula or scraper to remove the softened foam. Again, it is important to avoid using water.
  • Repeat the process till you get your desired result.

Natural Remedies for Removing Spray Foam

Apart from using chemicals to remove spray foam, natural products can dissolve spray foam and make it easier to remove with a knife or saw. The following products are used as natural remedies for spray foam removal. 

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a natural product effective for removing foam insulation. Apply olive oil generously to the application area and allow it to soak the foam for a couple of hours. The oil will soften the foam and make it easy to cut.  


White vinegar is used to remove spray foam. Apply vinegar to spray foam and allow it to sit for several hours, and then remove it with a scrapper.   

Worker insulating a Tub with Spray Foam

Removing Spray Foam from Different Surfaces

When installing spray foam, it is possible it can fall on clothes, skin, or carpet. Depending on the surface, they are different ways to remove spray foam. 

Removing Spray Foam From Skin

Removing spray foam from your skin is easy when it is not dried. All you need to do is moisten up a clean cloth with acetone or nail polish remover and rub gently on your skin. When spray foam is dried, the removal process is different. This article on how to remove expanding foam on your hand and skin will guide you on how to remove spray foam when it is cured. 

Removing Spray Foam From Clothes

When applying spray foam, it is advisable to use an old cloth that can be disposed of afterward. That said, it is easier to remove spray foam from clothes when it is still wet. You can remove spray foam from clothes by following these steps: 

  • Wear gloves to avoid skin contact with the foam. 
  • Use an old rag or paper towel to wipe off spray foam as much as possible from the clothes.
  • Blot the area of the cloth with spray foam with a rag moistened with acetone. 
  • Continue with this strep till the spray foam is gone.
  • The last step is to wash the clothes with a stain remover.

Removing Spray Foam From Carpets

The best way to remove spray foam from carpets is to do it as soon as possible. It can be difficult to get it off when it is dry. You can remove spray foam from the carpet by following these steps:

  • Wipe off the spray foam on the carpet immediately with a clean rag. To do this, pull the upwards when pinching the carpet with the rag to avoid pushing the foam down the carpet pile.
  • To remove the remaining spray foam, pour a small amount of acetone and wipe it off with a rag.
  • Use a pair of scissors to cut off the spray foam that is dried up on the carpet fibers. You can also try to pull the dried spray foam from the carpet fibers with your hands.
  • Dispose of the pulled carpet fibers and trim the carpet to make it even

Removing Spray Foam From Wood

Removing spray foam from wood does not require too many steps. All you need to do is cut the thick layer of spray foam from the wood using a knife and then sand the remaining spray foam with sandpaper. Another method is to apply a saline solution to the wood and clean it with a damped cloth or sponge after 5 minutes.

Removing Spray Foam From Concrete

To remove spray foam concrete, use a chisel and hammer to chisel away spray foam. Then use a hammer to break up the remaining pieces of spray foam. 

Removing Spray Foam From Metal

Removing spray foam metal should be done when it is still wet. Spray foam can be difficult to remove when it is cured on metal. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove spray foam from metal:

  • Use a scraper to cut as much spray foam as possible.
  • Wet the metal by applying solvents such as acetone or alcohol with a cloth on the metal and allow it to sit for some minutes.
  • To remove the residue of spry foam left on the metal after scrapping, use the brush to scrub the wet metal.
  •  Rinse the metal with warm water.

Safety Measures

Removing spray foam insulation requires following certain precautions as the process can be hazardous. Some safety measures that must be adhered to when removing spray foam include the following:

  • Always wear protective gear to protect your body.
  • Ventilate the area to reduce the risk of inhalation.
  • Turn off the HVAC system.
  • Use the right tools for spray foam removal.
  • Dispose of spray foam properly in airtight bags.

Tips for Removing Spray Foam

Removing spray foam can be challenging when it is cured or dried. To effectively remove spray foam, here are some tips to follow:

  • Try to remove the spray foam immediately while it has not dried up.
  • Use old tools with blunt edges for the removal process to reduce damage to the surface.
  • Clean with acetone instead of water because water hastens the curing process.
  • Avoid using heat when removing spray foam insulation.
  • Use specialized tools such as utility knives with special handles when regular tools become ineffective.

How to Prevent Spray Foam from Sticking?

When installing spray foam installation, professionals try as much as possible to prevent it from falling and sticking to different surfaces. The easiest and inexpensive way to achieve this is to use masking tape or wax paper on the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Spray Foam Insulation Be Removed?

Yes, spray foam can be removed when dried or wet. However, removing spray foam immediately when wet is advisable because it is easier than when it has cured.

What Is The Easiest Way To Remove Spray Foam Insulation?

The easiest way to remove spray foam insulation is when it is wet. You can wipe it off with a rag cloth.

How Do You Remove Hardened Spray Foam?

Hardened spray foam can be removed by using mechanical or chemical methods. The mechanical method involves the use of only hand tools while the chemical method uses both solvents and hand tools to remove the spray foam. 

Does WD 40 Remove Spray Foam?

Yes, WD 40 dissolves spray foam and makes it easier to remove.

Is There Anything That Dissolves Spray Foam?

So many solvents can dissolve spray foam, such as acetone, Wd40, isopropyl alcohol, lacquer thinners, etc. The most common solvent used for spray foam removal is acetone.

How To Remove Spray Foam From Painted Surface?

To remove spray foam from a painted surface, the first step is to use a scraper or blade to remove spray foam from the surface as much as possible. Then, get a rag damped in mineral spirits or acetone and clean the painted surface with it to remove the remaining spray foam residue.

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