Will Spray Foam Keep Mice Out Of Your Home?

by Kraken Bond

Will spray foam keep mice out?’ - we would have a million bucks if we got a dollar whenever a customer asks this question. We all hate mice gnawing or crawling sounds. At first, they start from the roof or crawl space and then find their way into our living area. We must confess having a mouse problem is frustrating!

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In this post, we will answer all the necessary questions regarding how to keep mice out of your home with spray foam. We would highlight the benefits of a pest-free home and the essential measures required to achieve it. Join us as we help you bid farewell to your mice problem.

What is The Mice Infestation Problem?

Mouse infestations are clearly visible when you see rodent droppings, a stale smell around a certain area, shredded papers or fabrics, chewed food, etc. One mouse can be stealthy and sneaky, but when there is a couple of them, then they become obvious. Nonetheless, it is always important to take action because they have a high reproduction rate. 

The implications of mice infestation problems in homes can be disastrous. Mice are capable of causing allergies and transmitting deadly diseases. They can cause different damage to your home by chewing electrical wirings or insulation.  

Will Spray Foam Keep Mice Out Of Your Home

How Does Spray Foam Keep Mice Out?

To understand how spray foam insulation keeps mice out, you must know how they enter our homes. Mice are usually found outdoors but begin to find a warm place to live when temperatures drop outside. In their search for warmth and food, they begin to look for air movements from your home as entry points. This means mice infestations start from holes, gaps, and crevices around the home that cause air leaks.  

Spray foam is an eco-friendly insulation that can create energy-efficient homes. Spray foam helps keep mice out by sealing air leaks in your home. When applied, spray foam expands and solidifies to fill out holes or gaps that can cause air movements. Unlike other types of insulation like fiberglass and rigid foam insulation, spray foam is not a food source for mice, and they will not chew on it to gain access to your home. 

What Type Of Insulation Keeps Mice Away?

Home insulation is done using different types of insulating materials. No insulation is completely mice-proof because mice can chew on almost anything. However, some insulating materials are impermeable because mice do not find them as a food source. 

Common insulation methods that can be used as barrier methods for mice, rodents, or pests include cellulose insulation, reflective insulation, and spray foam insulation. For instance, cellulose insulation is made up of recycled paper, and it is virtually impossible for mice to use it without falling into it. 

Do Mice Chew Through Spray Foam?

As mentioned earlier, no insulation is completely mice-proof, meaning mice can chew through spray foam. However, spray foam is toxic to mice or rodents when ingested. 

Spray foam contains isocyanate compounds which are very hazardous when ingested. That said, a mouse might just be having its last supper after chewing on spray foam.

What Are The Benefits Of Pest Prevention?

Pest prevention is vital in every building, be it residential or commercial. Therefore, it is important to carry out pest control measures first and then use spray foam to prevent another infestation. Three important benefits of pests control include:

  • Eliminate Health Risks 

Pests are carriers of different deadly diseases and bacteria. Pests are capable of transmitting harmful illnesses and food poisoning. You can reduce the likelihood of contracting these illnesses by preventing pest infestation in your home.

  • Saves Money 

‘Prevention is better than cure’; this also applies to rodent prevention. The cost of salvaging mice infestation is more expensive than taking preventive measures. This is because the mice would have cost you so much damage. In addition, you will incur the cost of hiring an exterminator to get rid of your pest problem. 

  • Safety of Items

Pests are a menace and can destroy food items and properties such as furniture, building, electrical writing, etc. For instance, mice can chew clothes, while termites destroy wooden furniture. You can prevent pests in your building from destroying your properties early.  

DIY Vs. Professional Installation

It can be a tough decision whether to opt for DIY or hire a professional for your spray foam job. In most cases, this decision is usually influenced by the installation cost and the job's complexity. Spray foam insulation should be applied properly to avoid complications in the future. 

DIY installation for building insulation comes in handy when handling small projects. Experienced homeowners can take it on without paying professionals for labor costs. 

Hiring a professional is a more reliable option for your building insulation with spray foam. Professionals have the skills, experience, and expertise to produce an excellent job. However, hiring a professional is expensive, but it saves time and effort.

What Are The Complementary Measures To Keep Mice Out?

Even though spray foam keeps out mice, it does not exterminate pests or rodents already in a building. To ensure rodent exclusion in your home, there are several complementary measures you need to take. They include the following:

What Are The Complementary Measures To Keep Mice Out

Seal Potential Entry Points:

Cracks, holes, and gaps in any part of your building are potential entry points for mice infestation. Use caulks & sealants to block tiny spaces in your crawl space, doors, or windows. 

Keep The Home Clean:

The primary attraction of a mouse is food and shelter. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your home clean always. Avoid keeping food crumbs lying on the floor or storing food in the open.

Trim Vegetation:

Trim back bushes and vegetation. In addition, declutter outdoor areas that mice may use as shelter.

Maintain Proper Drainage:

Maintaining sealed drainage is a good way to prevent mice infestations. This helps to prevent mice from getting into your home through drain pipes. 

Consider Pest Control Services

Hiring a professional mouse exterminator is a very effective way to end mice infestation. Hiring a professional helps to save the time and effort of eliminating the problem. It is advisable to get hiring a pest control service to eliminate every mouse in the building and then use spray foam to keep them out permanently.


In a nutshell, spray foam insulation was not made for exterminating mice, pests, or rodents. If you already suffer from mice infestation, call a professional exterminator immediately!

Spray foam insulation helps to safeguard your home from mice infestation by sealing the entry points of mice. It creates an impermeable layer of protection in your home.

There are several complementary measures to implement in your home to prevent pests. They include sealing entry points with caulks & sealants, keeping a clean environment, trimming vegetation, etc.

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